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Usui Holy Fire World Peace Reiki – Master Training

May 4 - May 6

Holy Fire Reiki Master class

Pre-requisite: Reiki levels 1&2 from any lineage at least six months before class. 

Are you ready to take the next step with Reiki?

Is it time to realize your full potential?

Are you ready to learn tools and techniques to bring even more incredibleness into your life?

Are you ready to move your personal healing and healing abilities to a truly profound level?

If so, it’s time to move to the Reiki Master level, and I’m so happy you are here.  Even if you don’t feel called to teach, studying at this level is an incredible investment in yourself.

What we receive in this class is worth MUCH more than the cost of the class.

Congratulations on taking this transformative next step!


Moving to the Master level:

  • It is a powerful class and a wonderful investment in yourself and your healing practice!
  • Your vibration will rise, and your healing energies will become stronger.
  • You will become a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher and will also be ignited to Holy Fire® energies.
  • Upon completion, you can teach all levels of Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki, lead meditations and use the Holy Fire energy, symbol, and techniques in your healing practice.
  • You learn soul/spirit release work, to make a crystal Reiki grid, to conduct Holy Fire® Meditations, and Holy Fire® Healing Experiences.
  • You are issued the ICRT Master Manual and an ICRT Mater certificate.
  • You are able to join ICRT as an Associate Member.


About your teacher Marisa Levitt

Marisa started her Reiki Journey in March 2019 and never looked back. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and an ICRT professional member. Marisa teaches in accordance with the ICRT standards and practice and is passionate about the wellbeing of all beings on earth.


In-person class: bring lunch, a journal, a water bottle, slippers, and a comfy blanket.

Cost: $820 for a 3-day workshop. You will get a further discount of $300 when signing up to the ICRT Animal Reiki Master Training workshop.

How to enrol: email Marisa directly magichandsreiki.au@gmail.com.

Registration is required, and space is limited.

Caution: You may begin to shift the moment you decide to take the course or sign up for the course.  This is an expansion of your energetic frequency and a release of the lower frequency energies that hold you back and no longer serve you. While shifting can be uncomfortable, it is short-lived.  Many of these energies, injuries, and emotions are letting go for good.  It is a positive sign so do your best to release them with love and to ensure you make it to class.


What is Holy Fire® Reiki?  

In January 2014, Holy Fire® Reiki energy presented itself to William Rand.  This is a more refined energy and contains a higher level of consciousness than Reiki had previously contained.  The attunement process was replaced with an ignition process where the energy no longer needed to pass through the teacher but instead interacted directly with the student.  Nothing was taken away from the traditional Usui Reiki Master teaching, but the Holy Fire® energy, symbol, and techniques were added.  Holy Fire® energy continuously develops and expands.

During Covid, we were Divinely guided to begin teaching classes online, and despite our reservations, we found online classes to be just as powerful (and maybe more powerful) than in-person classes. There also is a much smaller cost and creates a smaller environmental footprint for our students.

Read more about Holy Fire Reiki® here:  What is Holy Fire® Reiki?

You can read more about Holy Fire® III Reiki here:  Introduction to Holy Fire® III Reiki

What is covered in the Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Course?

  • Explanation of the unique way that Holy Fire® III Experiences, Placements, and Ignitions are done
  • Explanation of the ICRT definition of Soul and Spirit and higher Heavens
  • Empowered in the River of Peace Experience
  • Using crystals and stones with Reiki, Reiki Grids, and Distant Healing
  • Holy Fire® Ignitions
  • Usui Master symbol – meaning and uses
  • Usui Reiki Master Placement
  • Practice using the Usui Master symbol in sessions
  • What is Holy Fire®, history, concepts
  • Holy Fire® symbol – attributes, benefits, and usage
  • Holy Fire® III Reiki and spiritual guidance
  • Practice Reiki using Holy Fire®
  • Holy Fire® Healing Experience
  • ICRT philosophy and purpose
  • Values and spiritual orientation of a Reiki Master
  • Practice using Holy Fire® Reiki
  • Holy Fire® Meditation
  • Spirit Release process
  • Moving Meditation
  • Explanation of Experiences, Placements, and Ignitions
  • Review outlines, explanation of how to teach Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki classes
  • Explanation of how to receive ignitions by yourself
  • Discussions on teaching
  • Explanation of the ICRT Reiki Membership Association (RMA), Code of Ethics, and Standards of Practice
  • Class Evaluations
  • Certificates


May 4
May 6
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Marisa Levitt