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Bringing both horse and rider back to balance through myofascial & craniosacral release techniques.


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Restoring balance to both the horse and it’s rider

Is your horse displaying behavioral issues?

Does he struggle to pick up the left or right rein when training?

During training, when asking for a canter, does he start bucking?

Is he displaying inexplicable lameness?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” please fill in your details and hit the quick contact button for personalised help with your horse.

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About me

Founder Magic Hands Horseworks

Masters of business administration, technology and innovation.

I am an endurance rider and have been riding and working around horses since the age of 6. During my childhood, most of my time was spent training young horses that my parents purchased from drought stricken farms in South Africa.

I am a licensed holistic horse works, mayo fascia release and craniosacral therapy practitioner.

Courses with April, over a period of 3 years, equipped me to become an equine practitioner.  Following that I attended the Craniosacral Academy of Australia to become a human practitioner.

To further understand the impact of saddle fit and hoof care on the Equine body I attended TAFE completing Hoof care, basic trimming, first aid for horses and Saddle fit courses.

Musculoskeletal Unwinding

How will I know that my horse is in need of musculoskeletal unwinding?



Hi Marisa

Just wanted to let you know I’ve had the most wonderful results with Archie since you treated him at Di’s.

The cadence in his trot work is unbelievable and the freedom through his shoulder is amazing. Plus he’s not nearly so spooky, still likes to argue occasionally, but that’s his personality and not sure if I can change that!!

It’s been a very long road these past 2 years trying to get his lungs to heal after he developed tracheobronchitis and pneumonia post respiratory virus. So for him to be back under saddle, in light work and coping is wonderful.

Kind Regards



I have done the 3 courses with Marisa, they have helped me immensely with my horses to keep them fit and supple. We show stockhorses and cutting. To have them soft and even is a must without the force needed if something is just not right.
These courses give you the skills to keep your horses body in correct alignment and posture. Which makes them much happier horse to work. Marisa is only a phone call, what’s app message or email away and is very straight to the point with her answers.
I highly recommend these courses if you want the best outcome for your horses.

Karen Newby, NSW

Craniosacral Decompression

How will I know that my horse is in need of craniosacral decompression?

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