Craniosacral Decompression

You need a craniosacral decompression session when your horse presents with the below symptoms or you know he has experienced a head trauma.

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  • He has a sudden change in attitude or he starts acting up for no apparent reason.
  • He is hard to bridal and even when you get the bridal on it does not fit well.
  • He is heavy on the fore and you can’t seem to get a right or a left rein canter.
  • He spooks and sometimes when you go down the trail in one direction he is fine but on the return, he spooks at a rock he passed on the way out.
  • Head shaking, constantly wanting to rub their face while being ridden
  • Horses with compressed cranial bones cant correctly grind their feed sideways. They start chewing up and down, creating big bulging muscles on their forehead
  • He experiences digestion issues that create gas and bloating.
  • Compressed cranial bones also start the process of Uveitis and other metabolic diseases.

Please note some of these symptoms can take years after an incident to present itself.

Also please note: what I do does not replace your veterinary care. It assists you and your horse so he can have a better quality of life.

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch if you want to understand more about what is causing this and how it can be resolved. Feel free to have a look around my website and post a question online.

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