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Essential oils, Breeze Wax, Linseed oil, Anise oil, neem oil, Coconut Oil, Trace minerals in colloidal form, Rose hip oil, Meadowsweet, Burdock, Fenugreek, Dandelion, Balderwrack, Horse tail, Borac,

A natural, all-purpose balm for use on bruises, strains, burns, and wounds. It is also an excellent hoof dressing, calcium deposit softener, and scar tissue softener.

Apply daily as desired. Use as a wound salve, hoof dressing, scar tissue softener, Calcium deposit softener and to re grow hair.  Can also apply to sore and arthritic joints.

When applying to soften calcium deposits or as hoof dressing apply daily till the body stops absorbing the liniment.

This product like all liniments can trap heat and cause painful rashes if left for too long. Do not leave bandages and materials used for sweating on for prolonged periods of time.

300ml Jar




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